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Latest Current Affairs from 2nd Week of August 2013 in PDF- useful for all competitive Examinations!!!!!

Q1. Who was appointed as the 23rd Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for a time period of three years on 6 August 2013?
Ans. Raghuram Govind Rajan
Note: He is the Chief Economic Advisor to the government of India and he succeeds D. Subbarao who demits the office on 4 September 2013. He is 50 years of age and so far, he is the youngest person to become the Governor of the Central Bank of India.

Q2. Who became the first Indian bowler to top the bowlers' chart in the latest ICC ODI Player Rankings after former captain Anil Kumble claimed the top position in the ODI Rankings in 1996?
Ans. Ravindra Jadeja

Q3. Name the India's first indigenous nuclear submarine which became active on 10 August 2013?
Ans. INS Arihant

Q4. Which house of Parliament passed the historic companies Bill 2012 on 8 August 2013?
Ans. Rajya Sabha
Note: The new legislation, which would replace the nearly 57-year-old Companies Act of 1956 and would encourage the companies to undertake social welfare voluntarily instead of imposing the social responsibility. The bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on 18 December 2012.

Q5. Who has created a new history for India on 10 August 2013 by becoming the first women to win a medal for India in the World Badminton Championship?
Ans. PV Sindhu
Note: She won a Bronze medal.  World’s third position player RatchanokInthanon defeated Sindhu in the semi finals.

Q6. Which tennis player topped the Forbes list of highest-paid female athletes for the ninth straight year?    Visit : - http://sapost.blogspot.in/
Ans. Maria Sharapova

Q7. Indian Junior Women Hockey team won its first ever Bronze medal in ERGO Hockey Junior World Cup on 4 August 2013. Where was the event held?
Ans. Monchengladbac, Germany
Note: India beat England by 3-2 in a penalty shoot-out

Q8. Name the World’s first talking robot which was successfully sent into space on 4 August 2013 by Japanese Scientists?
Ans. Kirobo

Q9. Government approved setting up of all-women bank on 08 August 2013. What will be its name?
Ans. Bhartiya Mahila Bank Ltd

Q10. Which team retained the Ashes Series after the draw of third test held in Old Trafford, England?
Ans. England
Note: England leads the five match series 2-0 after three test.
Q11. Name the biggest warship since World War II unveiled by Japan on 6 August 2013? 
Ans. Izumo

Q12. NASA is all set to launch its next mission to Mars in November 2013 from Florida. What will be the project called?
Ans. Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN)

Q13. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology inaugurated Data portal of India in New Delhi on 8 August 2013. Name the URL of the website?
Ans. www.data.gov.in
Note: It is aimed at sharing more and more data as it empowers and connects to policy making.

Q14. Name the indigenously developed rockets which were successfully test-fired by India on 7 August 2013from a multi-barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) from a base at Chandipur-on-sea near Balasore, off the Odisha coast?
Ans. Pinaka rockets
Note: Pinaka is an area weapon system with a range of 40 km.

Q15. Which team won the Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2013 held in Kerala?
Ans. Shree Ganeshan Chundan
Note: The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is conducted every year on the second Saturday of August. The tradition of the boat race started in 1952 after the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru visited Punnamada Lake in Alleppey (Alappuzha), Southern Kerala.

Q16. Name the Professional Snooker Player of India who won a Gold Medal in 2013 World Games in Snooker discipline?
Ans. Aditya Mehta

Q17. Where was the World Games 2013 took place where Aditya Mehta, the Professional Snooker Player won a gold medal for India?
Ans. Cali, Colombia

Q18. Who took charge as the Executive Director of the Union Bank of India on 5 August 2013? 
Ans. Rakesh Sethi

Q19. India and Pakistan exchanged fire at which area of Poonch Sector of Jammu and Kashmir on 6 August 2013 killing five Indian Soldiers?
Ans. Chakan Da Bagh

Q20. Who took oath to the office of US ambassador to United Nations on 2 August 2013?
Ans. Samantha Power
Q21 Who won the men's 10,000m at the World Athletics Championships held in Moscow?
Ans. Mo Farah

Q22. 14th World Championships in Athletics started on 10 August 2013. Where was it being held?
Ans. Moscow, Russia.

Q23. Name the Kadapa MP and YSR Congress party President who resigned from his position on 10 August 2013 due to the decision taken by congress regarding Telangana?
Ans. Jaganmohan Reddy

Q24. Indian Police Wrestlers won five gold medals on 5 August 2013 (the fifth day) in the World Police and Fire Games. At which place the games were held?
Ans. Belfast, England

Q25. Union Cabinet on 9 August 2013 approved the proposal for establishment of which new Wing in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting?
Ans. Media Wing  Visit : - http://sapost.blogspot.in/

Q26. Gitanjali, the collection of poems (song offerings) by Rabindranath Tagore was released in 14 different languages at Kolkata. Who hasa released it?
Ans. Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal

Q27. Who were selected to be conferred with US Presidential Medal of Freedom?
Ans. Former US President, Bill Clinton and talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey

Q28. NGT on 5 August 2013 banned mining or removal of sand from river beds across the country without licence and Environmental Clearance from the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests. What is the full form of NGT?
Ans. National Green Tribunal

Q29. World observed the International Day of the World's Indigenous People on 9 August 2013. What was the theme selected for the year 2013?
Ans. Indigenous peoples building alliances: Honouring treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements.

Q30. Name the Bill introduced by Government in Rajya Sabha for stricter enforcement of laws to protect wildlife?
Ans. Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill, 2013

Q31. Nasa’s Curiosity rover celebrated its first anniversary on 6 August 2013. Name the planet on which it is on mission?
Ans. Mars

Q32. New International Terminal constructed at whic airport started its operation on 7 August 2013?
Ans. Chennai airport

Q33. Which country on 6 August 2013 successfully completed a Trial Run of World's Deepest Rail Tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait connecting Istanbul's European and Asian sides?
Ans. Turkey

Q34. Who took oath as the new President of Iran on 4 August 2013?
Ans. Hassan Rouhani

Q35. The first case of the human-to-human transmission of which flu was reported on 6 August 2013 from China?
Ans. H7N9

Q36. Where was the first public sector breast milk bank inaugurated on 07 August 2013? 
Ans. Kolkata

Q37. A company from Maryland, USA Sanaria has developed a malaria vaccine that has become the first in providing 100% protection against malaria. What is its name?
Ans. PfSPZ.

Q38. Which chess player from India won the Denmark's Politiken Cup on 5 July 2013 at Copenhagen, Denmark by gaining 9 out of the total possible 10 points?
Ans. Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi

Q39. Name the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Amazon who on 5 August agreed to buy the newspaper assets of the Washington Post Company for 250 million US dollar?
Ans. Jeffrey P Bezos

Q40. Who on 9 August 2013 won the Gujar Mal Modi Award for Science and Technology 2013?
Ans. Vinod Prakash Sharma
Note: He is an eminent scientist. The award was instituted by the G.M. Modi Foundation in the memory of industrialist Rai Bahadur Gujar Mal Modi in 1988.

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A set of Study material for various type of Departmental Examination ( dtd 11/08/2013)

     1.    Department  of  Posts  comprises  of  two  wings  

Mention  it 

Postal  and  Railway   Mail Service  (RMS)
      2.    Ex  Offcio  Chairman  of  Postal  Service  Board 
Director  General
         3.    Who  is  the  head  of    RMS  Division /?
       4.    The  section which  authorize  to  supply  forms  and   stationery  to  Pos  and  RMS  offices

Postal  Stores  Depo (PSD)
         5.    What  is  meant  by  B  class  Sub Post  Office
Office  is  functioning  under  Sub  Postmaster  with  One  Postal  Assistant                         
         6.    The  designation of   in charge  of  Head  Post  office 
Postmaster  or  Senior  Postmaster
          7.    What are    the  two  base  post  office    in  Indian  Army  Postal  Service 
1  Central Base  Post    Office  (56 APO)   2    Central  Base Post  office 
              8.    Stationary   offices  of  RMS    has  two  type

Sorting  Mail Office  and  Transit  Mail  Office 
              9.    What  is  meant  by   SET     related  with   RMS 
The  establishment  of  RMS  which  is  at  duty  at  the  same  time  in  a  mail  offices  is  termed  a  set
                10.  What  is  meant  by  Section  related  with  RMS 
Section  is  a  traveling  office  of  the  Railway  Mail  Service  working  on  Railway  Lines  dealing  with  sealed  bag  only
                11.  Who  is  the  in charge  of   Section  in   RMS 
Mail  Agent  or  Mail  Guard  in  in  charge  of  a  section
                 12.  What  is  meant  by   Beat  of  Section  in  RMS 
The  establishment  of  RMS  which  works  throughout  the  beat  of  the  same  section  in  both  directions is  termed  the  set  of  that  particular  section
            13.  --------------  office  supply  forms, bags  and  stationary  to  the  sets  of Mail  offices 
Record  Office 
         14.  Which  is  not  included  as  Letter  Mail    while  classification     of  first  class   mail  and second  class  mail 
Letters    ,  letter  cards  ,  Post  Cards  ,  Book  Packets ,  Book  Packets  containing  Printed  cards,  Book  Packets  containing  Periodicals,  Sample  or  Pattern  packets  ,  Registered  News  papers  .Parcel

Others  are  treated  as  Letter  Mail 
        15.  A  post  card  will  be  treated  as  printed  post  card  ,  if  the  communication  is  not  handwritten  or  typewritten 
         16.  The  publisher  can  get    his  Newspaper  registered  with  department  of  Posts  by  giving  an  application through  the  Divisional  Superintendent  
The  above  said  statement  is  true  or  false 
17. In  which  type  of  article   the content  of  letter    is Braille  Script    ?
Blind  Literature  Packet 
18  From  the  following  article   in  which  type  of  article  is  not  presented  at  counter  for  posting 
1 Bulky  articles   2  Machine  franked  article     3 Registered  Newspaper    4  Ordinary  article 
Ordinary article 
19 What  is  meant  by  letter  box  statement   

AS  chart  will  be  available  in  the  sorting  branch   which  is  known  as  Letter  Box  Statement  
20  Every  franked  article  has  two  die 
Mention  it 
Value  die  and  License  die 
21. How  many  PIN   regions  in   India 
21. What  refer   the first  two  digits  of  Pin code 
The  first  two  digits  together  indicate  the  sub  region  or  on  of  the  postal  circle 
22. What  refer    the  first   3  digits  of  Pin code 
The  last  three  digits  refer  to  the  delivery  post  office    
23 Mention  the   type  of  Bundle 
Station  Bundle  ,  Town  Bundle  ,  District  Bundle  ,  Circle  Bundle  ,  Foreign  Bundle  ,  56  APO  Bundle  ,  Sorting  Bundle 
24 What  is  meant  by  SAL
Surface  Air  Lifted  Mail 
25   The  Universal  Postal  Union  established  on  -----------
Prepared  by  System  Administrator  ,  Mavelikara  Head  Post Office  ,  690101-9961464279